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News Currents Sr.

News Currents Sr. is a current events program designed specifically for use as a group activity in a residential setting. It provides you with a stimulating and interactive approach for presenting current events each week.

Story Text | New Names, Places and Words
New Names, Places and Words
New Names

Anwar Sadat—President of Egypt from 1970 to 1981 (lived 1918 to 1981)
Franklin D. Roosevelt—32nd president of the United States (lived 1882 to 1945)
Franz Kafka—Novelist and short story writer best known for “The Metamorphosis” (lived 1883 to 1924)
Kevin Beasley—American artist who works in sculpture, performance art, and sound installation
Leah Penniman—Farmer, educator, and activist who co-founded Soul Fire Farm
Shawn Fain—President of the United Auto Workers Union.
New Words

bamboo—A wood-like plant with a hollow stem, in the grass family conservation—Protecting and preserving the environment
corps—A group of people all working together to achieve something
coup—The forceful overthrow of a government or political leader
endangered—An animal that is threatened with extinction
installation— A three-dimensional artwork that takes up a full room
labor union—An organization of workers who collectively fight for their rights
spire— A tall, skinny, pointed structure on the top of a building
strike—To refuse to go to work in order to force a company to change its labor practices
New Places

China | Egypt | Israel | Pennsylvania | The Czech Republic | Washington, D.C.
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