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A current events product that introduces adults to the world around them in a unique and engaging way.

Story Text | New Names, Places and Words
New Names, Places and Words
New Names

David Chipperfield—Architect awarded the 2023 Pritzker Prize
Frank Lloyd Wright—Ar
guably the most famous American architect of the 20th century (lived 1867 to 1959)
Harriet Tubman—American abolitionist and activist who helped runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad (lived 1822 to 1913)
Kim Il-sung—Founder and former ruler of North Korea (lived 1912 to 1994)
Kim Jong-un—Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011
William Seward—U.S. secretary of state between 1861 and 1869 (lived 1801 to 1872)
New Words

arachnidsClass of eight-limbed invertebrate animals that includes spiders, mites, ticks, and scorpions
dynastyA line of leaders from the same family or bloodline
follyFoolishness; lacking good sense
JucheTo be independent and take care of oneself, without outside help
orbA round or sphere shape
radiationA kind of energy that can be harmful to people, plants, and animals silhouetteThe outline of someone’s body tsarAnother term for emperor or ruler venomA toxic produced by
animals used for self-defense or to kill prey
New Places

Alaska | Florida | New Jersey | North Korea | The United Kingdom | Ukraine
**Not included in this demo is the reading level menu and text zoom option.**
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