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Story Text | Judy Heumann
Judy Heumann
This is Judy Heumann. Judy tried to make the world a fairer place for people with disabilities. Though she died in March, her work continues to help people around the world.
Like Judy, many people around the world have disabilities. Disabilities can make it harder for some people to hear, see, think, and move around. 

Many people with disabilities use tools to help them. These tools include things like hearing aids and wheelchairs. 

Judy Heumann spent most of her life in a wheelchair. She grew up in the state of New York. At only 18 months old, she got a disease called polio. Polio is a virus. It can cause some parts of the body to lose feeling. 

Growing up, Judy faced many challenges because of her disability. Some schools wouldn’t let her attend. They thought Judy’s wheelchair would cause problems. But Judy didn’t let that stop her. She fought to be treated fairly. 

When she went to college, Judy learned more about disability rights and activism. Activism is any action taken to change the world. Judy started leading protests to make her college fairer for people with disabilities. 

After college, Judy started working to change laws in the United States. She wanted the laws to help people with disabilities. She wrote books, gave speeches, and worked with the government. She did all this to make sure people with disabilities had the same rights as everyone else. 

Today, Judy is viewed as a hero and an inspiration to many people. Her hard work has improved the lives of many around the United States. 


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