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News Currents

A current events product that introduces learners to the world around them in a unique and engaging way.

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Who Am I?

Read the facts in the story text to figure out who the mystery person is!

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New Names, Places and Words

A weekly guide to the names, places, and vocabulary words that will help our readers further understand this week's stories.

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U.N. countries agree to historic ocean protection treaty

“High seas” make up around 60 percent of our oceans. 

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Four endangered condors released in Northern California

Condors have been absent from the region for over 100 years.

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Country of the Week: Iceland

Iceland is an island nation just south of the Arctic Circle.  Because Iceland was isolated, it has a unique culture and unique animals.

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The Cuban Revolution Ends

The Cuban Revolution was an important moment in 20th century history.

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Faces and Places

1. Emmanuel Macron - Ecuador and Peru.    |    2. Lance Reddick - Somalia.

MLLO - NC - Where in the World.png

Where in the World?

Test your geography knowledge with this weekly feature.

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