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Each lesson is designed specifically for your students. We recommend doing one Shared Reading lesson a week. We have provided a book written at a level that is just right for your students. Each week has its own guide to help you lead your students in the shared reading experience.

View and download our sample lessons below!


What is it?

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Our new Pre-K to 2nd-grade curriculum is designed to introduce students to reading through books and experiences that connect with their background knowledge. 


Get a glimpse of our plan to expand over the next four years.

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Look at our suggested weekly lesson structure.

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Each week read "One Wonderful You" with your students. Use a new lesson guide each week for a unique reading experience.


Everything you need for the first five lessons.


Shared Reading Text

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Week 1

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Week 2

Lesson 2 Image.jpg

Week 3

Lesson 3 Image.jpg

Week 4

Lesson 4 Image.jpg

Week 5

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