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A comprehensive early literacy curriculum for emergent learners, in Pre-K through Grade 2+, designed to help students on the road to literacy. The instructional materials, teaching tutorials, custom videos, and leveled books are time saving for educators, elevate instructional practice and are drawn from Erickson & Koppenhaver's Comprehensive Literacy for All: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities to Read and Write (2019).

Integrated Thematic

Builds background knowledge by encouraging learners to think holistically and make connections between content areas (like science, social studies, SEL, and life skills

Scope and Sequence

Provides an overview of the literacy domains and skills that are addressed in ReadtopiaGO.

White Paper

Establishes the evidence-based foundation for the design and implementation of ReadtopiaGO.

Teacher Tutorial

Elevates school-wide practices and help teachers understand each routine, why it's important, and how to get started.

Classroom Materials

Alphabet & Phonics Learning

Morning Message

Puppet Show

Shared Reading

Independent Writing

Predictable Chart Writing

Self-Directed Reading

Suggested Activity Centers

Pulling it all together:  Why ReadtopiaGO?

ReadtopiaGO stands out as a powerful tool for educators due to its ability to provide explicit outcomes throughout its comprehensive literacy curriculum. By following this structured curriculum, educators can ensure that learners achieve clear and well-defined educational goals. The program's design ensures that students' progress is measurable and tangible, fostering a learning environment that is focused, effective, and aligned with educational objectives. With ReadtopiaGO, educators and learners alike can confidently track their progress, engage with targeted content, and achieve explicit outcomes that promote literacy development and learning success.

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