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News Currents Sr.

News Currents Sr. is a current events program designed specifically for use as a group activity in a residential setting. It provides you with a stimulating and interactive approach for presenting current events each week.

Click below for sample components of this instructional resources within News Currents Sr. Contact us for a virtual demo of the full version.
News Currents Sr. - United Auto Workers go on strike  (1).png

United Auto Workers go on strike for higher

pay and benefts

The UAW represents around 145,000 auto workers.


Biden announces American Climate Corps to create green jobs

The American Climate Corps is both a job training and
environmental protection program.

Heinz_Award_Roberto_Lugo_Credit_ Robske200__from_a_KnowledgeUnlimited_article_for_current_

Artists Kevin Beasley and Robert Lugo among winners of the 2023 Heinz Awards

The Heinz Awards are a major prize.

News Currents Sr. - Panda.png

National Zoo to Return giant pandas to China

Giant pandas have been at the zoo for over 50 years.


Destination: Prague

Prague is known as “the city of 100 spires.” 

News Currents Sr. - This Week In History - Anwar Sadat.png

This Week in History

Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat was assassinated on October 6, 1981.

News Currents Sr. - Who Am I - Emmanuel Macron.png

Who Am I?

Can you name this world leader?

News Currents Sr. - Face and Places.png

Faces and Places

Senator Bob Menendez

News Currents Sr. - Where in the World.png

Where in the World?

Test your geography knowledge with this feature.

News Currents Sr. - Remember When.png

Remember When….. “The Tonight Show”

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